15 Bean and Ham Instant Pot Soup

15 Bean & Ham Soup. It is officially soup season and that means for me I am always trying to find the next best savory soup. While I love new things this one is a remix to the traditional stove stop recipe that we all know and love and most importantly, it’s so easy. One thing that I want to mention that I wish I would have read when looking for inspiration is that you do have to soak the beans for at least 8 hours prior! The actual recipe is done in less than three hours the prep is not. If you are note familiar with bagged beans this might be a surprise to you like it was to me many years ago when I first made my soup. I was first introduced to this recipe when trying to find recipes for left over ham. Between Christmas and Thanksgiving the left over hambone and extra meat can pile up at times. Now before I pop it in the freezer I prep my meat for soup or I cut and use right away and toss it in this easy to make soup. Have you ever made the recipe on the … Continue reading 15 Bean and Ham Instant Pot Soup