DIY Valentines Bird Feeder Kit

This easy to assemble and fun to make diy valentines bird feeder kit is perfect for all elementary and preschool aged kids this Valentine’s Day. You’ll only need a few items to assemble and your gift will be ready to go. Bird Feeder Kit items You’ll need:•small bags•wooden heart for crafts•valentines ribbon•natural peanut butter packets•bird seed (look for ones that are best for your area)•valentines bags – these are from target in the valentine section You’ll want to assemble the kit together and print the DIY label from my blog and you are good to go! If you don’t have sticker paper, regular paper works as well inside the bag. Once you get your bird feeder kit assembled them simply print on sticker paper or white paper, I recommend cardstock so that it holds better in the bag. Here’s the link for the label. DIY Bird Feeder Kit Label. Remember to join our mailing list for the free access! If you love this DIY Valentines Bird Feeder kit then make sure to check out these other more valentines ideas. Related posts: Dollar Tree Valentines Crafts My Personal Favorite Yarn Hearts Round Up DIY Printable Valentine’s Day Cards Diy I … Continue reading DIY Valentines Bird Feeder Kit