DIY Coffee Filter Bats πŸ¦‡

I remember a short time when we all feared bats and now two two years later we can seem to get enough of them lol. So here’s a fun and ever so easy coffee filter bat for your diy home decor! What you need: Coffee filters (I suggest white unless you plan on painting them black) Markers or water color paint Hot glue Ribbon How to make it: I let my littles paint the coffee filters. They did both water color paint and markers but markers were hands down their favorite. I had some water droppers on hand so it turned into a fun science experience. Let the coffee filters dry over night Fold them in half top to bottom and glue together. Glue sticks worked best- another project for the kids! Fold them side to side having the open sides facing out. Cut your bat wings Unfold the side to side wings Accordion fold the center of the bat and hot glue the back folds Put a hot glue dot on the back of the glued wings and wrap ribbon around Thanks it! You can use double sided tape to stick to the wall If you love this diy … Continue reading DIY Coffee Filter Bats πŸ¦‡