Free Basic Colors Printables

Every kid loves to color, and every parent is always looking for a way to add a little bit of education in the mix. What I’ve found over the years is that the more that time goes on the good basic straight to the point coloring books seem to be going up in price and if you ask me that’s crazy. I don’t need a fancy cover with pages that are more than likely so busy that it doesn’t get what I want to get across. I don’t know about you but for Kadie because she’s two our coloring time is more than just scribbles. It’s a perfect time for me to teach her the colors and the items that you will typically find in that color. So, I’ve made the first of many more to come free printable sets. The Basic Colors Printable’s are just that. It’s geared for those that want to work on primary and secondary colors and basic learning skills. As soon as you can get a crayon into your tiny hands the better off you are with helping them with their hand coordination skills. Recently I’ve learned that I LOVE the Crayola Twistables and highly … Continue reading Free Basic Colors Printables