Paper Plate Cupcakes

January 8, 2022

Cheers to the weekend. Now that Christmas is over and most of us have began to bring out our Valentine’s decor it’s the perfect time to keep the kiddos busy with with easy to make paper plates cupcake.

Chances are you already have everything in your house to make this a fun and easy craft.

What you need

  • Paper plates
  • Glue
  • Scrap paper, construction or tissue paper work great
  • 4-5 inch paper for base
  • Scissors
  • Small heart – stickers work great!

How to

  • Cut your scrap paper into squares
  • Cut your paper plates in half
  • Cut your base paper with a slight angle to give it the cupcake liner look
  • Have the kiddos glue the scrap paper to one side of the paper plate. If using glue sticks just make sure they put a good amount
  • While they wait for that to dry they can head over to their base and begin folding. This was easy enough for both my three and seven year old once I started the first fold.
  • Start from left to right or right to left and fold a small amount and then flip to fold the other way. Once you get to the end you’ll open it and have the cutest cupcake liner paper ready to go!
  • Glue your cupcake holder to the paper plate, add the heart to the top for the cherry on top and you are all set!

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