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January Family Bucket List

January 3, 2022

It’s that time of the year where winter is setting in (even for us Floridians) and most of us are getting back into school schedules and planning winter fun. Rather you are look to do something in 3 feet of snow or a cool sunny afternoons, this family bucket list is perfect for everyone everywhere!

  • Build a snowman- obviously if your in snow this is a no brainer, but there are so many other fun ways to build a snowman! You can craft one from felt, challenge one another to a marshmallow building contest, if you are near sand you can make the classic Florida snowman. You could also use clay mold to make a super cute little guy.
  • Collect pinecones- once you find a few you love take it home and turn it into a bird feeder for the yard.
  • Pj and movie day- this is one of my favorite. There’s nothing life hot cocoa and a warm snuggly blanket to watch a movie with your loved ones around.
  • Declutter and donate! It’s that time of the year to go out with the old and in with the new.
  • Board game challenge- set up a few different games and the best out of 3 gets a free day from chores!
  • Dinner swap with the kids- if your kiddos are old enough have them cook for the family. It’s pretty funny to see what they come up with.
  • Stick maze-this is great for the days you need to get out and get moving. Find a an area with trees around and collect at many sticks as you can and when you’ve found them take turns making a maze for everyone to walk through.
  • Drink hot cocoa- when you do this don’t just drink hot cocoa, spice it up with a hot cocoa bar that adds flavors and fun toppings to make a night of it.
  • Cozy family picture- this is my favorite. Winter is the time when we tend to me home and stay near. The holiday cheer is still in the air so it’s the perfect time to snap a pic!

That’s it! For more fun ideas to do make sure to check the links below and mostly importantly enjoy your family fun.
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    Winter Fun Family Bucket List - ALEX IS A MOM dot COM
    January 3, 2022 at 11:36 pm

    […] January Family Bucket List […]

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    January 3, 2022 at 11:44 pm

    Love it! I am definitely going to need to donate toys next year after my daughter’s crazy toy haul from family this year! LOL. But also a great way to teach her to give to those in need. Glad that’s on there! 🙂

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