Fun & Easy DIY Butterfly Ribbon Wand

July 13, 2023
Butterfly ribbon wand

DIY Butterfly Ribbon wand for a very special fluttering birthday party. These easy to make ribbon wands are the perfect addition for any butterfly, princess, fairy party or a magical afternoon.

What you need for your ribbon wand

Here is another easy butterfly party craft that will be done in no time.

Once you have all of your supplies for your butterfly ribbon wand you will want to start with putting the screw eye pens in the end of the wooden dowel. I recommend first pressing the screw in so that it makes an area for the thread to lash on to. If you hands start to hurt you can twist with a cloth but be careful to not go to fast or it can go out of the hole.

After you have the screw in you are ready to move on to the next step. You need to pick out your favors washi tape and start wrapping. If you start at an angle with a bit hanging over you can fold it to cover off the tip of the dowel. Continue going slow around the dowel and if you do it at an angle you will use half the amount of tape if you were to wrap and over lap.

Cut your ribbon

I cut mine 36 inches and folded in half. I recommend bunching at least 6 strips but you can always do more or less! There are shorter and longer ribbon wands out there so it all just depends on what you like.

After your ribbon is cut you are ready to go! Brunch your colors together, knot them open your screw and that’s it! You can add a fun iridescent butterfly like mine. Simple hot glue it on the knot itself to not only cover it but give it some dimension.

For more Butterfly Kisses and Birthday Wishes party DIY’s and crafts head over to my blog.

Butterfly Kisses and Birthday Wishes

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