Butterfly Kisses & Birthday Wishes 5th Birthday

June 27, 2023
Butterfly kisses and birthday wishes

Butterfly Kiss & Birthday Wishes is the perfect theme for young ladies that love all things fantasy. It’s a fun birthday with the right mixture between butterflies, fairies and princesses. Check out below all that we had to celebrate our little young lady turning five at our home. 

Butterfly birthday party
Memphis fridge
Butterfly mask

Princess Halo Crowns

If you ever go to a craft fair there is good chance that you will pass a both selling these adorable crowns. Over the years my girls have always asked for them so it seemed fitting to make them for Kadie’s birthday party. It’s one of the easiest DIYs I have done that I know you can too. Find the instructions here

Butterfly birthday party
Halo crown

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings
Halo crown

These butterfly wings are the second easiest DIY for the party. All you need are dollar tree wings and a few of their flowers. To find out how I did it for a party of 10 click here

Butterfly Piñata

DIY butterfly piñata
DIY butterfly piñata

If you are wondering if little girls want to smack a box as hard as they can, the answer is YES. I knew my daughter would enjoy it not only because she asked a few dozen times to have one but she has grown up with baseball brothers so it’s just something that seems like fun. I searched online and either the ones I found where the size of my hand or for some reason took ages to ship. So I grabbed a box and decided to make my own. You can find the how to’s here

Memphis Fringe Backdrop

Truth be told this is one I did for myself lol. I have been wanting a reason to make it so Kadie’s birthday was the perfect occasion. This is a timely craft but overall an easy craft. Click here to see how I made mine.

Memphis fridge

Create A Butterfly Mask

These mask are a MUST have for any birthday party. They are great for all ages and can use anything you have around the house to decorate with. See all that I added to our craft table here.

Butterfly Ribbon Wand

A butterfly party isn’t complete without a fluttering butterfly. With these wands you can spark all of those littles imaginations into the fluttering butterfly world. See how I made these here

Fluttering Floating Butterfly Ceiling Decor

Butterfly ceiling

Have you ever had an idea of what you wanted but weren’t sure how it would turn out? That’s how this project went! Over the past few months I had been collecting different butterfly and floral decor and I couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome. Click here to create this above your party table. 

Butterfly Finger Foods

If you are hosting a party for younger kids then you don’t have to worry to much about the food as they will focus more on the party then what they can eat.  Take a closer look at the foods here

Butterfly birthday party

Overall the party was a blast. It took a few days of prep but was 100% with it. It you like to see more DIY party ideas make sure to search for my other parties. 

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