New York City, New York Post Covid

March 23, 2021

365 Days later…

Since covid hit us (both the country and us personally). It was this time last year Jason and I had planned for a weekend trip just the two of us to the city. I kept thinking that covid wouldn’t hit us. I even remembering telling a friend that I won’t worry until New York shuts down. ….And then it did.

Thankfully I’m a stay at home mom so I wasn’t worried like some others but being home had a new meaning.

Fast forward

… to March 2021 and only a few things are back to normal. Our hometown Orlando has done an amazing job at keeping things moving forward and trying to not look back. There are some places that have yet to open schools, restaurants and businesses and to me I still can’t wrap my head around it.

One place that still hits hard is my favorite place to be, New York City, New York. We recently went with the family and then a weekend getaway. While they were different experience (to be expected when traveling with 4 Kids lol) one thing stood true. It’s still not the same.

Our first time flying in 5 years ago still gives me chills. The giant “Welcome to New York” in the airport. The taxis honking, buses driving by and of course the trains are only the tip of the city. The people- the people are EVERYWHERE. Every corner you turn you see something new, you hear something new it’s like walking into museum of its own.

What to expect in 2021

  • Expect less
  • Less people
  • Less food
  • Less experiences
  • Less popping culture

Yes the city is opening up. Yes you can still tour the buildings and streets. But you have to plan accordingly. Pre-covid at any given time there would be an hour-two hour wait to get on the rock. Now your lucking if you see someone in line and instead of impulsive 12am views you need to get there before 7pm. That’s correct… 7pm. The city that doesn’t sleep, is sleeping.

Tours rather it be in iconic buildings, by seas-land or air, are all limited on space and time. If you plan to visit I can not stress enough you need to do your research. Plan your days with time for experiences & food.

While some restaurants are opening more they still don’t have that New York time clock. When we were there in December there were some days we couldn’t even find dinner past 8pm that wasn’t a street cart or gas station.

On the contrary, for some less is more.

Look for

  • More small businesses
  • More culturally based restaurants
  • More history
  • More tradition

With more room on the streets your ability to see the beauty within is amazing.

(If you are looking for more, do yourself a favor and venture out of time square)

Take a stroll down Canal Street and see how Little Italy and Chinatown are doing.

Eat the best spaghetti and meatballs over pasta you will ever have – and let me tell you we have yet to find one place better than the other when it comes to Little Italy.

Shop Chinatown and buy things you don’t even know what they are. If your feeling adventurous just grab a few snacks and nibble away. They have a way of making sweets taste good without making you feel like you’re over doing it.

Be a New Yorker, head over to the Upper West Side and stop in All Stars Sports Bar and Grill and catch a game and grub on some AMAZING wings. Before you leave you’ll feel like a Bills fan without knowing what happened.

Shop on the street markets and try the homemade apple cider donuts. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Skip the taxi and take the subways. My favorite upgrade to the city is that it’s now digital for subways. Just as Applepay works in stores you now can get on the train. Saves the hassle of looking for your Metro card and then swiping until it works.

One of my favorite things about the New York subways is that it’s a completely different world. We’ve heard just about every instrument playing sounds to sooth the sole. We’ve seen walking a cappella groups go from car to car, we’ve even seen some of the best fashion lol and you can’t really ride the subways until you at least see one rat.

While your walking down to the subway look around. See the building, check out the art work as snap a pic of your favorite mosaic wall art. Each station is unique of its own just as each building that surrounds it.

While we all wish..

that things could go back to the way they were there is plenty to appreciate now.

When you planing your next trip to the city let me know if you have any questions!
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    March 24, 2021 at 11:58 pm

    Crazy how different it is now in NYC! I love how you highlight the positives and I need to check out that sports bar. Glad you could enjoy a kid free weekend.

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